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You can call us on 01892 513333, during working hours.

Or, you can book online. There are two forms you can complete below, one is for a Bridal appointment and the other for a Bridesmaid.

We also offer some tips and information on how to get the most out of your visit.



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    Here are answers to some of your frequently asked questions…

    This list answers the most common questions that we’re asked in the shop. You may not have considered some of the areas outlined below. Please feel free to call or e-mail us for more advice.

    It’s always advisable to have an appointment as it means you’re not kept waiting. Your bridal consultant will be prepared for your one-to-one personal consultation.

    Delivery times vary from 3 to 5 months.

    If you have a late booking, don’t despair! Go Bridal has one of the largest collections in the South East so you can always buy a dress off the peg and we can arrange all of your fittings and alterations.

    Also, we can often have dresses made at short notice from our British designers such as Sassi Holford and Suzanne Neville.

    Some brides rush out as soon as the engagement ring is slipped on their finger. Others take a more laid back approach and wander in 2 months before the date.

    Most brides do some research first and then start booking appointments at several shops.

    Ideally start looking 9 to 12 months before your wedding as you will be trying on in the season when you’re getting married.

    We don’t do alterations on site, but we have an out-of-house technician and can arrange all of your alterations for you.

    Yes, of course we will!

    We are happy to store your dress for you. Most brides will leave their dress with us for safe keeping until a few weeks before the wedding. Using our collect by car service your dress will be brought to your car, all pressed and hanging in a non see-through bag.

    If your dress has a very full skirt we recommend that you bring in a pale coloured duvet cover as this minimise creasing of the gown

    We can pack your dress in either hand luggage or in your suitcase.

    We can also order from a range of beautiful travel boxes that are especially designed to fit in the overhead lockers and meet all airline requirements. They’re also acid-free so can be used to store your dress after the event.

    This is one of the very most frequently asked questions we are asked at the store!

    Let’s face it: all brides want to look their best on their day so what better incentive than your wedding is there to shed a few pounds and tone up?

    However, many brides put off looking for their dress until they are at their target weight. This can result in a rushed race to find “the dress” rather than your dream shopping experience. Many bridal shops will greet you with a patronising look and “Oh you’re getting married when and you still haven’t got your dress? You’ve left it very late haven’t you?!”

    We suggest that you come in to see us as soon as the ring is on your finger rather than when it has to be re-sized because you have shed a few stones! Ordering your dress doesn’t mean that we have to confirm the size there and then. We are usually able to delay measurements until 5 months before the wedding. The earlier you book your dress the more influence we have with the designer as to when your measurements are taken.

    Should you lose weight between measurements and your first dress fitting our expert technical team will make the dress fit. Even if you have a gastric band fitted 8 weeks before your wedding and have lost 5 stones and dropped 5 dress sizes!

    Remember, we are always happy to answer your questions…